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BA English Multi Topic Essay Lecture by Shahid Bhatti

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BA English Multi Topic Essay Lecture by Shahid Bhatti

assalamualaikum student how are you who made the gaps of keikogi student army our kisame being English multi topic acid where holy crao so subsequently schedule difficult words only meaning me up with olga joe Sestak and the word is mala way musk about you a mohan Miska topic topics to discuss Carini or para hablar regular us a rule pertaining to subsidiary hum difficult to words who seek the pollen kameena convergent a capella word Reggie inflation student inflation come across a manga here self-reliance is comma Travolta hooting sorry Houska boarded excavation is coming about a texture II hypocracy Munaf get unemployment barrows gari poverty water but mara literacy now Honda key economic crisis washi boron nepotism occur before every dowry J’s favoritism possible insecurity Hyannis EC is missing missing a student sorry see darling insecurity admitted office price hike is cometh Lobby manga you the secretary anism his commander motor with kawari it bribery we should study any corruption to show the initial denial aina accountability and to sob economic injustice washi nine savvy political instability CAC at may Astakhov regionalism in lafayette hindrance recovered instability atom a esta Hakam symbolization Alamut disaster the boy guest comma Club Nokia Hikari Tata engulfing in enigma Khurana prosperity wish Holly spiritual rouhani territorial in laka laka integrity about the student of the hare Salah me yet publication is are intoxicated Hardy spoiling her Arcana abridged mortises rose rum at sixes and sevens ehe DMS is come from a separation ethical is lucky evaluate the co karma systematic Muslim accomplish the meal or remarkable annamaya or hurdle commercial abhi recover to pay the student EFS Amelie cover here ba English multi topic si yes clicking amplicon sheet number one to hum his chemo topic is challenging sheet number one Norfolk number two to school ito aapke saamne area healthy three yes sorry to hear he is key topics taken Esk on the topic level IQ Giga upper knitted they can eat a year jump a decade up with blanks miniature you you take a blank says ABB Lang says aba-ba-ba if some a sheet number two you hope useful blanks only two of you here in topics misuk week it may be a grassy argit as a paper me company Holly blanks candles topic at your Hunnam listener so in Xalapa gusa a sufficient to yoga the topic second concern with a key the optional inflation manga overpopulation a body commerce law terrorism – eternity beggary geek Magna self-reliance holiness re exhibition X jury favoritism Nek yo the person did he toss toss Nabisco Baltic region regionalism he lucky Autopia unemployment where was Gary traffic problem graphically messiahs poverty Rupert in literacy math in literacy is common about the hair Nahanni economic crisis mocchi yo Murano Thomas IOT and nepotism acaba Barry dari Jays political instability but me stay calm CSer the means they’re calm smuggling price hike Escobar deadly drugs he not shaking Alana go figure busca bod has secretary anism recovery yet bribery issue is stunning accountability and the saab economic injustice mocchi nine Saffy provincialism so i get the student you blanks have another are here in Kendall Europe without their junk au jus Sen socially will be Sheriff it better okay so other be other socially will be as a attire to me see you can see topic we attack of blacks and instead of topic on table class let’s suppose come blanks make rubbish and unique encryption Cooper as here here dopey look at you have over our important ectopic you need you corruption of the air Deacon to hump let’s suppose qiyamah corruption predicted yo yoga Pakistan is facing corruption nowadays article Pakistan Co crashing Kazanlak Anabella it is not only the problem of Pakistan in national Pakistan commercial ahead but all over the world Mulcahy puri dunya Commerce layer especially in the third world countries hostile 433 Maliki dunya a global UTC tuning as an American comedian problem here it is symbolization corruption to her yellamma to here are disasters the monarchy and destruction disaster and destruction in it the bikee a la mota the problem of corruption is raising a paddock arbor ahora restlessness bitch any in the country Malaka me and it is engulfing or hidden nigga high genic cara ha ha the unity hit a hard coup and prosperity or who she holla coup after nation Kizzy Corky it is a big barrier yet both burry to cover any corruption jariabek both body recovered air in the way of progressing society any a Crocky compare marshalling irani to corruption I have a bog body recovered a I’m thinking you can see a topic squid terribly its losses are limitless schedule nukes are not a whiskey Kuakini here therefore a good image of the country Lhasa graphene key witness a melaka you watch our image jota is easily spoiled to corroborate Iassogna see through it here corruption in you caption say melaka goo a coup de mojodojo asana see dr. Rocha terrible affair telegram number two very distressed and instability BG&E; Hawaii atom is become become the order of the day order of the day student you to order of the day a DM s comma Travolta to move teaser body package at the Uni Rubio’s appear any Malik may administer calm are modular it is like a white elephant Commission yogi have with severe heart Akita out the air white elephant skill yemalog attain a nice cup of I dunno which is eating force the nation strength and unity you calm key target or it’s a hard call but it is a high dollar the common people are heavily facing this monster ma circuit a and just like we make a series of uncontrollable in school Dave heckle voltage the common people are heavily facing this monster our mod me is much less a corporation here grunts situation of the problem of corruption corruption encryption key geometry gossip they are there is a disturbing situation who a KSC situation has okay pari parish on coal ash is killing you for the peace and calm in Melaka Menominee Immokalee bhavati looks on this its demand is only negative is key to de mano ta corruption connectivity air who bilkul money UT air for the sake of some lies of people orally demand conquer fear the Chum Dick Lugar news da-da-da-da-da Ambala honochick even if the evil of corruption for the corruption kioku a hair is not nipped in the bud nip in the bud student is coming to the mother in issue room of economic emulsify Akana if the evil of corruption is not nipped in the bud other is Graco shoes in Oakridge a it may spread rapidly – yes I taste a Belgian like a wildfire jungle key article it is an unending epidemic ei Cassie ba ba hey you not a Bonneville you receive of ba ba hey that deprives people Yolo Goku my room cafeteria elementals any physical dis money spiritual rou-ha-nee moral is lucky and economic health or ma she sings a loco muharram Cardassia and of territorial integrity as an four loko alaka’i Solomon hav maroon car TT head student is key to a sheet number here the exam sheet numbers to Edo dobri or a few paragraphs or pellet Ogura Yoji paragraph again as he to Yi objectification your girl inner go inshallah socially will be a taboo topic a tear through whose mega sufficient Othello this evil of corruption corruption kilo broy is going up in its network s Kajal this is a pair liar there is no area qui Assad area near or community Jurassic we Mallika Hassan again which is ye the same from it yo same fu su it’s publication is key to a shot hair is only because of public who is what I say again is could you tell our hair was East emergency here the left leg all awareness alarm key shower key committee medicine and knowledge or elonka committee the old young old any Galan array and children orbitty are going to be intoxicated by it whiskey are do today is give you a common pot over here it’s a network is spoiling is scheduled network any corruption Kajol networker gronckle spoiling crockery the new generation – local gradually I star a star it hepatitis E succinate ear hypnotize guarded you the mental approach zing is logical after people low-key it is enhancing a Bihari here para Korean a number of many other problems encryption key a break we hace fish or blowing up a de mi Sol pad away the community has no proper idea or look the pass a motion feet of God Capo’s quick Haws idea new year to pass bear routinely Kop stop Nero’s maracas in the kipapa sir curry it has transferred caption name but on one knee knee the deal kardia the common life into confusion arms in the Eagle parish anime and was horrible moral and ethical values any lucky moral and ethical girl a student is Cosima cravat a moral and ethical values in is lucky Kedar are being deteriorated deteriorated comet rota Romano any corruption Jo Maliki is lucky in guru KO ROK Aditya he if a human being a Greek in some things so stay here and evaluate or judge Aleta his grant life Karima judah’s Anita he feels – masseuse kurta hair that he is not secured KBOO is no gender win against machinima corruption oski undergo mezuzah nahi abundant resources coffees are you muscle here are not enough una coffee had to control this permanent social evil he said die me mocchi Sivaji borracho kabocha negligee Lama had you asylum would be knock over here the problem of corruption can be controlled is much like Oh control here gasps the Kabuki Agosta through well planning the tyranny planning C Mon suburban DC systemic Muslim strategies hikmah the music and the role of public along with NGOs or Alam kicker bark your role QC or Lucas are you and use him un cadeau card or a other unnimaya or a or planning a chill this Mosely Co cotton key ideas at a Chicago key idea we can eradicate this problem ready-to-eat computer silk cotton karna we can eradicate this problem huh miss Mosley Co cotton construct a table over sakthe hain by following the teachings teachings of Islam agram islam ki doli mouth Parimal carrera2u muslim poco de Hatano Jenga we should also cooperate Cheri only cannot see a teacher eunuch in OTC Hamid Alvin come watch a game with one another a close race ought to finish this deadly ever-growing curve talking a Molech yoga mission saber tawa masala is comb cotton car sake and organized program is needed Eggman ism your program helps is rooted there to accomplish our target Takahama free target goal the community of Kentucky accomplished come of the authentic meals sagacious atmospheres are the NIE perm of NEMA Hall you have to Kamala a positive attitude on must birth look Tanager are compulsory mullahs me here to overcome the problem of corruption other Hamley is kept in a problem Cooper overcome can lie to you to pursue darker multi-tow pegasi who made her care of me as a person no yoga risky samadhi i ug h a skinny to make a link d remark ooh Vasya biscuit of soft copy a with meanings what download consulting to Eastern evoke a farcical soft copy we are yogi or coach meaning manageable pathology laboratory Kabir though Iraqis cook up the attention is socially will pay Tok and say happy English may become orange angle to is cassava Rajasa TD lovelies

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